We are a customer focused design company specializing in creating unique, powerful and appealing websites.

Domain Registration

From basic domain registration to multi-domain / subdomain configurations, we cover the field in securing your web presence. We also have a clear understanding of what each and every major domain registrar offers, their historical reliability, performance and pricing to ensure you get the best bang for your buck!

Website Hosting

Website hosting is equally as important and with the myriad of choices to pick from, we make it easy to decide on what you need from what you can do without. Support, bandwidth, operating system, number of websites to be hosted, disk space, database support, e-mail and SSL certificates are all important considerations when deciding on a web host. Let us take the head-ache out of deciding on the solution that best meets your needs. Give us a call today!

Custom Website Design Service

With every domain host out there offering website design packages it is often overlooked that what you mostly end up with is a website that looks like everyone else's. The words 'bland', 'boring' and 'lack of options and features' often emanate from clients that look to us for something more custom, vivid and inspiring. We offer Small Business Website Design packages for both Professional and E-Commerce websites. Looking to refresh a dull website with the latest in website design technology, we have a website redevelopment option for you. Should you require ongoing website updates, we offer website maintenance options of varying degrees. Are you considering Social Networking integration into your existing website? We specialize in integrating and optimizing social media into your website to ensure that your online presence is felt.

Our websites include

• Professionally Designed Webpages using the latest Website Design Software.
• Organically Optimized Webpages with all the required facets for optimal Google results.
• Google Analytics Integration.
• Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
• Business Logo Creation tailored to your specifications.
• Contact Us Form (or any other form of your choice).
• Set up / administration of Domain Name Registration, Hosting & Email Solutions.
• Optional Online Promotion Campaign
. • Optional Website Ongoing Maintenance / Content Management System.
• Optional Image / Photo Gallery incorporation.
• Optional Blog, RSS Feed, Forum.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

We employ an arsenal of proven techniques and measures to ensure your website shows up in the major search engines. Often overlooked, yet tried and proven design essentials and required elements are integrated into the website design process. As confident as we are in the quality of the work we do, we encourage you to do some research of your own on what is shown to work and what doesn't. As much as our competition may indicate immediate results, we all have to face reality when it comes to ORGANIC SEO which ultimately means, don't expect instant results. The search engine crawlers take time to pick up on an SEO optimized website along with all the aspects external to the website itself. Of course there is the potential that your website won't always show up on the first page, especially when you consider that there are constantly thousands of other businesses just like yours competing for the same online real estate. Regardless of the techniques we use to get you listed, website analytics and reporting are essentials to gauging the progress of your website on the worldwide search arena. Content is equally as important, so be prepared to provide our website developer with more than just basic information.

Paid Search Engine Advertising (PPC)

Unfortunately in this day and age of harshly competitive business it can be difficult to make a dint in the market, even with an organically search engine optimized website. Hence the need for online advertising becomes apparent. We set up and administer ongoing search engine advertising campaigns that hugely increase your business's exposure in almost an instant. We track the results and provide monthly detailed reports on the progress of your website advertising campaign. Ultimately a balance of an organically optimized website along with an optimized search engine advertising campaign are the two best practices when it comes to establishing your online presence. Give us a call today to discuss how we can help you dramatically increase your business's online exposure. .

Branding / Rebranding Service

Full Studio Redesign and Rebranding of your Business Logo and presence.